Krzysztof Krupa


2002 Moscow

  • silver medal for cello

2004 Polish National Competition

  • 1st prize for violin
  • 2nd prize for cello

2005 Mittenwald

  • 4th place and certificate of merit for cello

2006 Dolny Kubin (Slovakia)

  • 2nd place for violin
  • special prize for the best tone of violin

2006 Baltimore-Violin Society of America

  • certificate of merit for workmanship for violin
  • certificates of merit for workmanship and tone for viola

2007 Moscow-Tchaikovsky Violin Making Competition

  • 1st prize and gold medal for cello

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1 comment for “Krzysztof Krupa

  1. Erik Widholm
    October 23, 2019 at 10:27 pm

    We have in our possession a violin from the40s that needs some help to be fully playable again. We inherited this violin from a concert violinist.

    How do we go about getting a quote for the with to be performed?

    We live in Cumming, GA.

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